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In this case, tissue infiltration is observed - their thickening, impregnation with immune cells.

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If the aorta is affected by pale treponema, then its inner layer first becomes inflamed, and then it is affected by a sclerosing process - germination by connective tissue. The wall of the aorta becomes wrinkled, in places like paper that has been crumpled. After a fairly short time, cicatricial processes begin to develop in the tissues, due to which the contractility of Amoxicillin Capsules wall worsens.

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Since such a transformation can occur in different parts of the aorta (ascending, thoracic, abdominal), the symptoms will be appropriate. Against the background of syphilis, disturbances occur not only in the wall of the aorta - the coronary arteries, which provide blood supply to the heart, can be drawn into the pathological process.

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Against this background, complications arise quite quickly - most often these are: aneurysmal damage to the aorta - the formation of Amoxil pills protrusions, the walls of which quickly become thinner and, when provoked (stress, arterial hypertension, physical exertion, severe coughing), break through with the development of severe bleeding, which can be life-threatening; aortic insufficiency - the inability of the aortic wall to contract normally and distill blood through the systemic circulation.

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Also, with aortitis, there are: aortalgia - pain along the compromised segment of the aorta; increased heart rate; dyspnea; cough in the form of attacks; lower back pain. Such a set of symptoms may seem strange, and only an experienced doctor is able to suspect an inflammatory lesion of the aorta. The diagnosis is made according to the patient's complaints, anamnesis (history) of the disease, the results of additional examination methods.

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